Foundation for Muslim kids opens door in Talon-Talon PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 03 June 2013 16:18

The Mindanao Pearl Center Foundation opened its door on Saturday, June 1, 2013, in Barangay Talon- Talon after a soft opening program.

MPC Foundation President Sitti  Onggo-Vilos disclosed that the mission of  MPC Foundation is to support and enhance the physical and emotional disadvantages of children. Its vision is to help every child improve his or her quality of life for better future.

The vice president of the foundation is Jhing Onggo.

During the soft opening program,  the guest of honor, Undersecretary Ariel Lim.of the Public Transport Affairs Office lauded Onggo-Vilos for opening the foundation and its mission to help less fortunate parents by giving free  education to  the children.

MPC Consultant Reynante S. Vilos disclosed that the foundation is for the children of Muslim mothers who are less fortunate and cannot send their kids to pre-school.

“The foundation is free for Muslim children from 3 to 6 years old. Its pre-school  amenities are a mini-library with computers. The library is also open for  elementary,  high school and college students who want to conduct researches and study once it is fully completed,” Vilos said.

Vilos the foundation will open a madraza school where the pre-schooler kids will be given free breakfast and vitamins to make them alert and active in class participation..

If the children will do good in their class during their study and schooling at the foundation, they will be given scholarship when they go to study in elementary, high school and college. It is open for Muslim children whose parents are less fortunate like tricycle drivers, laborers, pedicab drivers, vendors and blue collar job workers.

The foundation has a playiground for children to play, make interactions and create camaraderie and friendship. All the class sessions will be in the morning. — Allen Abastillas