Brig. Gen. Lucero, Army’s Tabak Division chief, dies PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 03 June 2013 16:22

Brig. Gen. Daniel Lucero, commanding general of the Army’s 1st (Tabak) Infantry Division, died yesterday of heart attack

A sketchy report said that Lucero had come from scuba diving and felt dizzy afterwards.

According to the report, Lucero went for a short walk and complained of dizziness. He was rushed to the hospital where he expired..

No other details available as of press time about the passing of the young general.

Lucero graduated from the Philippine Military Academy in 1983 and holds Masters Degrees from the University of the Philippines, and obtained a degree in International Relations from the Australian National University.

He was commander of the 103rd Brigade before he was promoted to head the 1st Infantry Division with its headquarters in Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur.