LTO-Zambo has no plates for motorcycles PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 06 June 2013 17:51

Land Transportation Office-9 Zamboanga City District Officer Noel  M.  Noche disclosed yesterday that his office has no available plates for motorcycles at present.

“My office is waiting for information from (LTO) central office as to when they are going  to send the plates here in Zamboanga City District,”  Noche said.

He advised motorcycle owners who are renewing their unit registration to always seek for authority from his office for the use of temporary plates so that the LTO-9’s Law Enforcment Division will not apprehend them or fine them for violation of the “No-Plate No-Travel” policy.

On the other hand,  Highway Patrol Group-9 Chief Supt. Severino B. Agustin warned motorcycle drivers to be extra  careful — to always bring their unit registration and wear helmet while driving because his men in the region  will intensify their operations within this month of June in support of Brigada Balik Eskwela of the Department of Education.    “I remind all motorcycle drivers to remove their ‘mañana’ habit or  attitude of ningas cogon or  ‘Bukas na lang ako mag helmet.’ What we want here is for  them to follow the traffic law for their own safety and for their kids so that accident can be prevented as well as the imposition of highfines or penalties for violation of the Traffic Law,” Agustin said.

He also warned motorvehicle  drivers not to drive if they are drunk or high on drugs so that they will not cause harm to the life of other people or cause damage to properties “and most important drivers will not die or kill other people because of an accident. — - Allen abastillas