Farmers grateful for city projects in Vitali PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 07 June 2013 11:02

Vitali farmers welcomed the windfall of blessings that came their way on Wednesday, June 5, as the City Government turned over ten new projects to their barangay.

The ten projects, amounting approximately P17.6 million, included a 2-storey building for the Escuela Vocacional Tecnica de Vitali, a rehabilitated home economics room for the Vitali Central School, two footbridges, an irrigation canal, a slope protection project, a farm-to-market road and three solar dryers for Vitali farmers.

The farmers expressed their gratitude to the City Government for the assistance given to their livelihood. This, they note, is a sign of the desire of the City Government, under the leadership of Mayor Celso Lobregat, to reach and serve all barangays, no matter the size or distance.

“Este solar dryer, bien grande ayuda este canamon,” said Cesar Guevara, a farmer. Along with other farmers, he had already laid out his harvest on the newly turned over 300 square meter solar dryer to dry. “Ta keda mas lijero di amon trabaho,” he added, explaining that the drying process on a solar dryer takes only 2 days as compared to one week on plastic and other surfaces. If the weather cooperates, Guevara says that he expects his produce to be completely dry by tomorrow.

“Poreso bien alegre kame ahora. Ta rindi kame gracias con Mayor Lobregat,” said Guevara.

Vitali barangay chairman Jose Alavar likewise expressed his gratitude for the constant support of the City Government. “Gracias Mayor, kay hinde tu tan sumut ayuda con el Vitali,” said Alavar.

To date, the projects implemented in Vitali has reached approximately P144 million. — Jasmine Mohammadsali