Philvolcs sees greater damage in Zambo in case of quakes PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 09 June 2013 17:08

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology has called on all big schools in the city to conduct regular earthquake drills in the wake of earthquakes that are now rocking parts of the country including Mindanao.

Philvolcs recorded Monday morning two earthquakes that hit Carmen, North Cotabato.

The country will be conducting a National Simultaneous Earth Quake Drill next month to alert school officials and business establishment on immediate response to earthquakes to avert or avoid casualties.

Philvolcs Regional Director Engr. Allan Labayog said the opening of classes in the private education sector on Monday along with the public schools that opened last Monday will bring over half a million pupils, students or youngsters to school.

Labayog said that the Zamboanga Peninsula is linked to Cotabato as far as earthquakes are concerned.

Whenever earthquakes rock Cotabato, similar tremors also hit Zamboanga.

The big number of students and pupils in school places them in greater risks than if they are in less crowded areas in the city.

Big buildings in Zamboanga, including the P82 million newly repaired City Council Building, have already developed cracks from previous earthquakes.

The city of Zamboanga is located between two deep sea trenches that are sources of earthquakes , and these are the Cotabato Trench and the Sulu Trench.

Because of this tendency and affinity of Zamboanga to earthquakes in the southern Mindanao Region he said, the people in the city should be prepared.

He said there is a need to educate the students and school occupants to the proper responses during calamities such as earthquakes or fires.

Labayog said it is to the advantage of the school administration and their wards to be prepared since the care and welfare of students in school are in the hands of teachers and school officials.

He stressed the need for schools to establish their own evacuation centers to where students and teachers can rush to for safety in case of emergencies.

At the same time, the Philvolcs official called on teachers to drop by their office at Sta. Maria barangay since they have enough information kits available for study and dissemination to their wards and students.

These information kits are all handy and free for distribution in schools and other establishments.— LS