Lobregat names Kabang ‘Ambassador of Dog Will’ PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 11:05

Mayor Celso Lobregat has declared hero dog Kabang as “Ambassador of Dog Will,” making her a symbol of dog’s rights and welfare in recognition of the powerful impact that her life story wields on the public

In a message read during the City Hall flag raising ceremony in the presence of Kabang, her owner Rudy Bunggal and Team Kabang-Zamboanga functionaries led by Dr. Anton Lim, Lobregat said the dog hero has “placed Zamboanga in the world map of dogs’ rights and welfare” stressing that with her heroic feat and emotion-packed story Kabang can very well deliver goodwill, promote ideals and serve as a testimony of the depth of relationship of humans with dogs.”

“Her rise to fame is phenomenal if not astronomical, and now that she is back home, she will continue to be a You Tube sensation. As the online Filam Star publication puts it, “the news and social media will, for the longest time, be afire with Kabang’s saga”, the mayor said.

Lobregat likened Kabang’s story to a television series that is emotion-filled, nostalgic and a top grosser. “Kabang’s life story has moved millions of people who followed every detail and aspect of her journey with great interest. Kabang has become a unifying force for people around the globe, a symbol of hope and inspiration; she is an epitome of a “man’s best friend”—a friend who stands by her master in poverty and prosperity, sickness and in health; she is a symbol of responsible pet ownership—a program that the City Government through the City Veterinarian Office pursues without let up.”

He declared that the City abhors cruelty to animals and continuously lays down strategic solutions to promote animal health and to solve the problems on stray animals.  He pointed out that campaigns against stray dogs are being pursued and that it  is not the intention of the city to make pet ownership a burden adding that owners should understand that ownership requires responsibility.

The mayor likewise paid tribute to people behind Team Kabang, the group that pulled and mobilized resources to have Kabang treated and taken care of. He especially recognized the efforts of Dr. Anton Lim, who originally took care and flew Kabang to and from Zamboanga to UC Davis Veterinary Clinic in the US and vice versa, his co-caretaker veterinarian Ed Unson, Mona Consunji, Care for Kabang initiator Karen Kengott of Buffalo, New York, the UC Davis group of surgeons, the people who took care of Kabang and ensured her successful recovery from operation, all the donors, contributors and all supporters of Kabang.

“And of course not to forget, we thank and congratulate Mang Rudy Bunggal for caring and rearing such a dog hero, who gives so much pride to Zamboangueños,” he added.

Kabang, a shepherd mix (Aspin), is hailed a hero after saving two children from a potentially fatal accident in December 2011. Her heroic act ripped off her face posing medical complications if not treated. Her amazing story moved people from all over the globe that led to a fund-raising drive that shouldered her and Dr. Lim’s flight to and from Zamboanga to UC Davis Clinic in the US and vice versa and the subsequent surgery and treatment.

Kabang arrived from the States in Manila on Saturday and Zamboanga on Sunday through a hero’s welcome. A motorcade that included a side trip to City Hall, was held in her honor Monday morning.  A press conference followed at the Sta. Maria multi-purpose center fronting EAAB.

Kabang is now reunited with her son JR and owner Rudy Bunggal. — Sheila Covarrubias