City Council OKs 5 ‘urgent’ ordinances PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 18 June 2013 14:27

Aside from the ordinance that increases the burial assistance to indigent families, the City Council in its session last week approved five other ordinances which were all certified as urgent by the City Mayor.

Only in one seating, the proposed ordinances for the establishment of Science Park which prescribes entrance fee, the operation and regulation of Sta. Cruz Island, the establishment of Marine Sanctuary in Paseo del Mar and the increase in the burial assistance from P3,800 to P6,000 per cadaver were approved by the majority in second, third and final reading. Two other ordinances like the ordinance amending the tricycle fare matrix and the establishment of the Licomo High School were also passed.

Councilor Cesar “Jawo” Jimenez voted against the passage of the ordinances on the establishment of the Science Park (Ord. No. 2013-16) and Marine Sanctuary in Paseo del Mar. However, he voted in favor of the passage of the ordinances increasing the burial assistance and the establishment of the Licomo High School,. He went out of the session hall when the proposed amendment of the tricycle ordinance was presented on the floor for deliberation.

Councilor Melchor Rey Sadain voted against Ord. 2013-16 because of what he believes as exorbitant charges. Except for the burial assistance where he voted in favor, he also went out of the session hall when the other ordinances were being discussed.

On the other hand, Councilor Rommel Agan did not manifest his vote on all proposed ordinances because he went out early as he believes that the members of the City Council belonging to the majority bloc were not so truthful with their statements during the deliberation.

As soon as the Science Park in Pasonanca will be in operational, private individuals (adult) will be charged P50, students, persons with disability and senior citizens (of course with 20% discount) will be charged P40.  However, the administrator will only charge P25 per person if they come in a group of a minimum of 40 individuals. The Science Park offers 56 interactive amenities for educational purposes.

The construction of the Science Park cost more than P22 million.

On the ordinance for the regulation and operation of the Sta. Cruz Island, a beach goer will now pay P150 as entrance fee (aside from the P100 motorboat fare). Proceeds will be used for the environmental protection of the island.

In less than a month now, a 3,145-square meter sea water at Paseo del Mar which will serve as sanctuary of endangered marine species will also be opened to the public. The entire area is now being protected with hard fishnet and artificial corals are now being laid in sea bed.

After its required period of publication, a new fare hike will be imposed on tricycle passengers in the city.

For the first kilometer, a P20 fare will be charged on passenger of one or two. In case of three passengers, they will have to pay P25 and additional P5.00 every succeeding kilometer regardless of the number of passengers. — Jimmy Villaflores