Beng favors committees for minority dads at City Council PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 24 June 2013 11:54

Incoming Mayor Maria Isabelle “Beng” Climaco-Salazar hinted over the weekend that she is open to the idea of granting committee memberships, as well as, chairmanships, to all minority members at the city council.

This particular preference, differs from that of Climaco-Salazar’s predecessor, 1st district congressman-elect Celso Lobregat’s, who consistently maintains that committees are for majority councilors only, citing political reality, that even in Congress, there is such thing as majority and minority blocs, wherein all important and juicy committees are chaired by lawmakers under the ruling party, or party in power.

“I am a practical person. I believe that all elected councilors should be given committee memberships and chairmanships, subject however, to the majority’s approval,” said Climaco-Salazar in an interview with RPN’s ‘Zamboanga, Tiempo Ya!’ radio program.

The outgoing 1st district congresswoman and House deputy speaker for Mindanao garnered an unprecedented 180,000 votes last May 13 elections, which local political analysts say, is an overwhelming mandate to lead Zamboanga City in the next three years.

Climaco-Salazar explained that all elected councilors should be given equal privileges and opportunities since they are all elected by the people, who obviously believe in their advocacy of what public service should be.

The lady mayor-elect however,cautioned all minority councilors to fulfill the good governance they have promised to their constituents during the election campaign period.

With her recent pronouncement on committee chairmanship issue, the incoming mayor made it clear that the decision whether to grant committee chairmanships or not to minority councilors, which she vows not to interfere, still lies on the majority at the city council, led by Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde.

As the new set of city council officially starts on July 1, it will have district 1 re-elected Councilors Melchor Ray Sadain, Cesar ‘Jawo’ Jimenez Jr., Rodolfo Bayot, and newly-elected Councilor Josephine Pareja, district 2 re-elected Councilor Romel Agan, and returning Councilor Juan Climaco ‘Kim’ Elago, as members of the minority.

Of the six minority dads, Sadain, Agan, and Elago are lawyers. — Philip Abuy