DTI warns anew vs text scams, online fraud PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 25 June 2013 11:37

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has warned the public against fraud perpetrated through text messages and the internet.

DTI Zamboanga Peninsula Director Nazrullah Manzur on Monday has reiterated the warning after his office has received numerous inquiries from the public concerning notice of raffle bonanza winners.

“If you receive a text message which says you won in this or that raffle promo or contest which you have never entered and then you’re asked to send a load to a mobile phone or deposit money to a certain account, beware because this bears all the marks of a text scam,” Manzur said.

The DTI’s Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection released the following tips on how to detect text scams: the text message is sent through an 11-digit mobile number instead of a special three or four-digit number; a subscriber is informed that he purportedly won a brand new car or big amount from a raffle or contest which he has never joined or entered into; a subscriber is asked to send a load or deposit a certain amount of cash as processing fee or tax payment before he can claim the prize; and, a subscriber is rushed to claim the prize.

Manzur said legitimate sales promotions are required to give winners a 60-day period from the date of notification or announcement to claim the prize.

More importantly, Manzur said that winners of promos with prizes exceeding P500 are required to be notified through registered mail, and not through text messages alone according to law.

Manzur said text scams use fake DTI permit number.

Dubious text promos use bogus permit numbers to deceive subscribers since promo activities are required to have a permit from DTI, Manzur said.

“Be forewarned; do not be deceived. If in doubt, call or visit the nearest DTI office before you take further action,” Manzur said.