Minority dads comment on Beng’s statement on chairmanship issue PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 26 June 2013 10:57

Minority councilors yesterday expressed mixed reactions amid optimism over Mayor-elect Ma Isabelle “Beng” Climaco-Salazar’s recent pronouncement that she favors granting them committee chairmanships in the incoming city council.

In last week’s radio interview, Climaco-Salazar straightly said that she believes all elected councilors should have equal opportunities and privileges amid reality that they were elected by their respective constituents who trust on their advocacies for good governance.

The incoming mayor however clarified that she knows where she stands and that she still leaves the discretion to the majority at the city council to decide on said issue.

In an interview with RPN’s ‘Zamboanga, Tiempo Ya!’ radio program yesterday morning, returning District 2 Councilor Juan Climaco “Kim” Elago described Climaco-Salazar’s plan as the true line of democratic politics.

“I welcome with optimism, such pronouncement of our mayor-elect, If that happens, our people will now have the proper right to representation in the august body,” Elago remarked.

The lawyer-councilor explained that what Climaco-Salazar plans to introduce to Zamboanga City, “is the true character and attitude of democratic politics, and I am very happy with that”.

Re-elected District 2 Councilor Romel Agan, though welcoming such a political development, is more watchful on how the  majority councilors would react to Climaco-Salazar’s latest opinion on committee chairmanship issue.

“If and when the majority will respect the position of the incoming administration, that will be a welcome development,” Agan said.

Re-elected District 1 Councilor Cesar “Jawo” Jimenez Jr., a known critic of the outgoing Lobregat administration, expressed readiness in partnering with the incoming Climaco-Salazar’s administration, in facing the difficult tasks ahead.

For Jimenez, genuine unity among all elected officials will stand to overtake all these difficulties that will beset the lady mayor’s leadership.

“Each and every councilor should be given the chance. Trust and competence is the key,”  explained Jimenez, a certified public accountant (CPA).

For his part, re-elected District 1 Councilor Melchor Ray Sadain prefers to wait and see first, as to how Climaco-Salazar would make good on her positive political declaration, amid reality, that it will still be the majority who would decide on the chairmanship issue.

“It’s a welcome statement coming from mayor-elect. However, I don’t want to sound too optimistic on the issue, because she still have to ‘walk the talk’. Considering I belong to the minority, I don’t have the luxury of options. If the majority realizes that they should give the minority committee chairmanships, well and good, thank you. But if otherwise, it’s not a big deal,” the topnotch councilor said. —  Philip Abuy