Man fights holduppers, is injured PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 June 2013 11:35

A man was injured after he fought two holduppers who robbed his cell phone while he and his girlfriend were walking along Sevilla St. last Tuesday night.

Edgar Atis sustained an injury in the left thumb.

A police report disclosed that Atis and his girlfriend Nizel Esguera were walking along Sevilla St. when two men appeared and one of them armed with a knife announced a holdup.

The holduppers grabbed the victims’ Samsung Galaxy phone.

However, Atis resisted and fought the holdupper with a knife that resulted in a brief fight.

Atis’ thumb  was hit by the blade during the tussle.

The holduppers then fled towards eastward. Atis and Esguera rushed to the police station to report the incident.– Dan Toribio Jr.