SK units in Zambo City formed into 7 clusters PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 February 2011 15:04

With the aim of improving service to the community, the Sangguniang Kabataan federation of Zamboanga City headed by its president Joanna Mari Mas has formed the SK units in the 98 barangays into seven clusters.

The federation agreed to group the SK units into seven clusters during its 1st general assembly this year yesterday.

Mas, who represents the SK youths in the City Council, spearheaded the day-long program during which they tackled several issues one of which was the clustering of the SK units in the barangays which was unanimously approved through voting by the 98 SK chairpersons.
The objective of the clustering to achieve faster communication and coordination among the youths and eventually generate bigger projects with more impact on their constituency.

It was also decided during the assembly to encourage all SKs to pool their resources together so that instead of implementing many small projects with very little impact and benefits on the youth and in the communities, they (SKs) can have fewer projects but with greater benefits to all concerned.
Moreover, the inter-barangay coordination and collaboration will further strengthen their (SKs) fellowship and train them better to work with each other and other sectors in the attainment of a better society and community to the people.

Seven SK chairmen were voted to be the leaders of each cluster. He or she  will represent the number of barangays under his/her areas of responsibility.

“Today, I would like to introduce a new way of doing things. antes, ta plaña quita maga proyecto y maga mejoras solamente para del di aton barangay lang, quiere yo cambia este manera. If we work on an individual barangay basis, we will be short-sighted  in our way of viewing the problems and challenges that face us, what I propose is the clustering of our barangays and that we will work together as clusters, I am sure that we face common problems and challenges that we will be more equipped to solve and address if we put our meager resources together and come up with common approaches and strategies. I propose an inter-barangay SK coordination and collaboration”, Mas said in her speech.

Mas encouraged the youths to work for the progress of the community as she reminded the SK members of what national hero Dr. Jose Rizal said: “The youth is the hope of the fatherland”.
Mas stressed on the importance of clustering the barangays as she believes that a team work will be more effective than individual.

She quoted poet John Donne once, thus“no man is an island, entire of itself.” And she has her own “no barangay is an island, entire of itself.”

Cluster A, to be known as the Central area, is composed of Barangays, Zone I, Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4, Canelar, Camino Nuevo, Sta. Barbara, Rio Hondo and Mariki. Elizabeth Arañas of Zone 2 was voted as its leader.

Cluster B was named as East Central area and it is omposed of Barangays Sta. Catalina, Kasanyangan, Talon-Talon, Mampang, Tugbungan, Tetuan, Arena Blanco, Guiwan, Putik and Lunzuran. Jovin Perez of Lunzuran was chosen as its leader.

Cluster C, the West Central, is composed of Barangays Sto. Niño, San Jose Cawa-Cawa, Baliwasan, San Jose Gusu, Campo Islam, Calarian and Malagutay. Czarina Cabato of Baliwasan was voted as the leader.
Cluster D, the Solid North, is composed of Barangays Pasonanca, Sta. Maria, Tumaga, Cabatangan, San Roque, Dulian and Capisan. Jake Fabian of Tumaga was named as the leader.

Cluster E, the Near East area, is composed of barangays from Divisoria to Manicahan and near islands. Francis Saavedra of Mercedes was chosen as the leader.

Cluster F, the Far East, is composed of Barangays Victoria to Licomo and far islands. Liezlyn Magbanua of Bolong was voted as the leader.

Cluster G, the West Coast area, is composed of barangays from Sinunuc to Limpapa. Myra Dela Serna of La Paz was named as the leader. — Dan Toribio Jr.