Valesco to fellow dads: ‘Action, not words’ PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 05 July 2013 11:03

Reelected Councilor Gerky Valesco urged his colleagues at the City Council to show gratitude to the people by working hard and not to waste the confidence and votes of the people.

Valesco, one of the hardworking aldermen, said “saying thank you is not enough, but working and producing results is an efficient way of showing appreciation to the mandate”.

“Let us not waste the votes of the people. As public servants, we are here not to compete against each other, but to complete the council for an effective delivery of public service to the people thru legislations,” Valesco said in his speech during the the Council inaugurals on Wednesday.

Valesco, now on his third term,  said elected officials should always think that the benefits of a city councilor are taxpayers’ money and therefore, it is but fair for the council not to be wasting its time with futile discussions but rather have a sense of unity to address immediate concerns.

The former mediaman turned legislator has made an impressive action in the recent past by featuring and promoting the different eco-tourism sites of the city, as well as enhancing the cultural diversity of the people, a feat which has never seen before from any of the legislator.

“We should be more serious not because we are public officials, but because we know that we have an important mandate and a responsibility that is very sacred,” Valesco said.

He addedd “I also wish and pray that our performance should be with accountability, and that our sense of governance is anchored on the principle of transparency, and in our decision making, people’s participation will be involved”.

Valesco also encouraged his colleagues “to submit not only the SALN at the end of the year, but also the individual accomplishment report so the people will know if we deserve our salaries, and if we truly deserve to be called ‘honorable’”. — Dionese Rumar Arcillas