Beng seeks support of interfaith leaders PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 05 July 2013 11:04

Amidst the challenges besetting the City, Mayor Beng Climaco cited the urgent need for community support and cooperation stressing that the local government and the authorities cannot do everything alone.

“This is a reality that each one of us faces, all of us have a stake in our beloved City,” Mayor Climaco told the Interfaith Council of Leaders in a gathering organized by the Silsillah Dialogue Movement led by Fr. Sebastiano D’Ambra Thursday morning at a local hotel. “I will always need your guidance and as unity to our brothers and sisters not only in Islam but (indigenous peoples) IPs, the City Mayor’s Office will be available to listen to you the best we can.”

During the gathering, inter-faith leaders shared ideas concerning pressing issues specifically peace and security.

As the chief executive, Climaco said, she will have to make very important decisions and that she would appreciate much if the interfaith council of leaders can help guide the city.  “But the message is clear, what the religious community shared about Islamic law, it is a law of love and compassion for neighbours, killings are never justified, if they violate the laws, they have to suffer the consequences”.

The mayor likewise shared about steps she has taken to help address peace and security problems in the city starting on her first day of work in City Hall last Monday that included the convening of a peace and order stakeholders meeting, reconstituting the City Peace and Order Council, turnover of 9 of 13 Toyota Hilux vehicles to equip police stations from Limpapa to Licomo, constant updates on investigations being done on different incidents.

Climaco has instructed a 24/7 police visibility in the city to help deter crime incidents. She is also expected to do an on the spot check of the different precincts in the anytime of the day.

“If you can help us, we will appreciate it very much. There are systems that have to be changed and behaviours that have to be modified”, the mayor said adding that policemen specifically those assigned with the traffic and beat patrols should be briefed on their duties and responsibilities before they are sent out to the field. — Sheila Covarrubias