Police clears suspicious man injured in bus blast Print
Saturday, 06 July 2013 11:31

Police have cleared an employee of the Coca Cola Bottlers Philippines who was earlier described as suspicious looking  during the grenade attack at a government shuttle bus in Tetuan Highway last Monday.

Joe Francis Bazan, a finance clerk of CCBP was among eight persons injured in the grenade attack on the bus of the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority. He sustained an injury in the neck and has been the subject of investigation after his name appeared as not employee of the PFDA.

Bazan went to the Tetuan Police Station to answer some questions last Wednesday during which witnesses to  the explosion cleared him as he was not the person who lobbed the grenade.

Bazan told the police that he was also a victim. He recalled that around 7:10 a.m. he was driving a motorcycle,  rushing to report for work when a grenade exploded aboard the bus along Tetuan Highway  Bazan’s motorcycle passed near the PFDA bus and heard the explosion.

He said he did not mind the blast because he was already late for work. adding that he continued driving his motorcycle. However he felt blood oozing from his neck moments later, prompting him to rush to the Zamboanga Doctors Hospital for treatment.

Aside from Bazan, seven PFDA employees were injured in the grenade attack carried out by a still unidentified man. – Dan Toribio Jr.