Beng meets private groups on peace and order problem: Orders police to take steps vs criminalities PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 08 July 2013 11:32

Manifesting firm resolve to address peace and security problems in the city, Mayor Beng Climaco on Friday met with the private sector together with police and military authorities in the hope of coming up with effective mechanisms to end the spate of shooting incidents and other crimes.

At the same time, Mayor Climaco issued a memorandum directing and ordering the police to immediately undertake corrective and pro-active measures to address criminalities in the city and instill professionalism and discipline of all officers, personnel and subordinates under their command.

The dialogue with the Zamboangueños against violence movement practically revolved around issues concerning the need to strengthen the police force, create a mechanism where there is accessibility to communication and complaints against peace and security issues and numerous others.

Climaco said foremost, logistical and troop evaluation will have to be done in order to maximize security. “As of now there are areas that are considered hotspots and our order is for full, capable, competent, efficient police personnel on the ground for police visibility”.

The mayor said her administration welcomes suggestions and recommendations from the different groups to help address the series of shooting and other crime incidents happening in the city.

On the other hand, she said, the police should comply and accomplish all the directives issued and that the city “will take full responsibility in ensuring that we will help the police because they cannot fail us”.

“Our policy [to the police] is do your work and we will back you up,” the mayor stressed.

On Friday, police authorities made a headway in apprehending a policeman from the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao for violations of traffic rules and other laws including unauthorized carrying of firearms. The move was proof that the authorities have started implementing a diligent and strict enforcement of laws against illegal firearms.

“We recommend for the commendation of the police force who responded to that incident,” Mayor Climaco stated, as she emphasized that there should be no sacred cows in implementing laws.

On the other hand, the mayor on Friday also conferred with Western Mindanao Command Chief LGen. Rey Ardo and officials from Task Force Zamboanga to discuss about troop deployment in the city in view of the need for police and military fusion.

Measures to strengthen security in the city’s shores have also been discussed and the Coast Guard has been tasked to submit recommendations on protecting shores, as the mayor presses for security and safety not only on land but sea.

Climaco’s memorandum is addressed to the Officer-in-charge, all heads of the different branches, City Public Safety Company Commander, all police station commanders, all community precinct commanders and all sector commanders—all of the Zamboanga City Police Office.

In her random checks of police stations and precincts, the lady mayor observed “tremendous laxity, inefficiency, lack of professionalism, discipline and decorum, incompetence, lack of knowledge and lapses on proper police operational procedures and the need for more initiative, sincerity and commitment to public service on the part of some officers and personnel of the Zamboanga City Police Office.

“These acts are totally unacceptable,” the disgusted mayor stated. She reminded policemen that the City Government continuously exerts utmost efforts to support the police office in terms of equipment, logistics and allowances to the officers and personnel of the ZCPO. “These are done through the proper usage of taxpayers’ money.”

She stressed: “We owe it to the people of Zamboanga City by returning to them what is due by performing your duties and functions appropriately, responsively and in accordance with the mandate of the laws, rules and regulations.” —Sheila Covarrubias