200 donate in Pareja’s blood letting program PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 10 July 2013 14:35

Two hundred residents of different barangays donated blood during yesterday’s blood letting program  of District 1 Councilor Josephine Pareja and the Department of Health’s Sandugo Program.

Pareja disclosed that the donors went to the designated venue and voluntarily donated blood with the aim to help patients who are in need of blood especially those belong to indigent families.

Pareja’s blood letting program is now on its fifth year. She started it when she was still the barangay chairman of Talisayan.

The neophyte city councilor said the blood letting is a joint program with the DOH and the donated blood goes straight to the Zamboanga City Medical Center.

Pareja said that patients can avail of the blood in the hospital for free especially the donors and their relatives who will be in need of it in case of emergency.

Most of the donors are supporters of the program and some are regular donors since Pareja started it five years ago.

Some barangay kagawads in District 1 also joined in the blood letting. They brought with them  their constituents who willingly gave blood during the occasion.

Pareja said that yesterday’s occasion was the first to happen after she sat as a councilor.

She vowed to continue it to help the people of Zamboanga City regardless of where they stay — be it District 1 or District 2.

Pareja also thanked the donors and the management of Cecil’s Catering,  the venue of the activity. – Dan Toribio Jr.