Doctors’ Hospital marks 47th anniversary Print
Thursday, 11 July 2013 11:23

As Zamboanga Doctors’ Hospital celebrates its 47th year, several new clinics and offices were opened. The last two floors of the new building are on its final phase of completion and will likewise be operational by the third quarter of the year.

From the original two-story 25-bed capacity, the hospital has tremendously expanded to include the original four winged three level main edifice and two five story structures added within the decade.

Last year, the laboratory was relocated on the first floor of the new building. It now boasts of the latest in medical technology. Using Architect Plus ci 1000, Vitros System and Iris automated urine microscopy machines similar to the ones in some of the big centers in Manila, they offer an increasing array of immunoassays, biochemistry, metabolic and tumor work up.

The hemodialysis unit was likewise transferred to the more spacious area at the first floor of the same building just beside the laboratory. It has all new 12 hemodialysis machine and water filtration technology. It is the first to offer hemodiafiltration, the latest in dialysis therapy and its filtration system is capable of producing “ultrapure dialysate water” ensuring patient’s safety while undergoing treatment.

In its adherence to quality, selected nurses were sent to the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) to undergo three to six months intensive training in dialysis.

In addition, specific machines were designated for unstable patients  admitted at the Intensive and Coronary Care Unit relocated at the second floor immediately above the Kidney Center. This feature is the first of its kind in our city as the common practice was to bring critically ill patients down to the dialysis unit.

From a cramped space on its previous location, the ICCU now displays an ideal set up of 8 individualized cubicles with the nurse station at the center. Manning the station include selected personnel who were sent to the Philippine Heart Center for three months training in intensive and critical care nursing.

A separate Cardiopulmonary Unit was established at the original location of the ICCU. In addition to the ECG, 2D echo, treadmill machines and bronchoscopy, the unit is now capable of diagnosing patients with sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea.

The OB ward was also transferred to occupy a bigger space on the second floor of the new building.

Several offices were also created such as the Infection Control Office located near the ICCU to monitory, contain and lessen the risk of our patients in getting hospital-acquired infections.

The HMO office is currently more accessible at the first floor of the new building beside the lab to better serve the needs of health insurance policy holders.

In the  next few months, the Pediatric Ward will also transfer to the fifth floor of the Founder’s Building. Its vacated space will be converted to several administrative offices while the area of Emergency Room and OPD services will be extended.

Before the year ends, the hospital will acquire the most modern CT Scan capable of giving very clear images at low radiation doses.

These are but a few of the improvements made by one of the leading health care institution in Zamboanga City, another testimony of their lifetime commitment to deliver quality service to the community.