Climaco welcomes forum on power PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 11 July 2013 11:39

Mayor Beng Climaco welcomed the on-going efforts of leaders, thinkers and concerned citizens to find a permanent solution to the energy crisis during the seminar-forum on ‘The Urgent Need to Increase the Baseload Generating Capacity’ in Mindanao Tuesday, July 9 at the Western Mindanao State University.

Climaco has promised to work together with all concerned to address the power crisis in the City.

“I value your messages and what you want to say,” said Climaco.

Mayor Climaco stated that she wanted the long-term power solution in the City to be one that is environment-friendly, sustainable and commensurate to the paying ability of a Zamboangueño.

Calling the forum a “long-awaited meeting”, the Mayor urged the participants to act on the results of their discussions so that these will not remain as just talks and words.

“We cannot sit idly and talk. We need to act,” emphasized Climaco. — Jasmine Mohammadsali