MNLF gunmen seize 12 civilians in Basilan PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 13 July 2013 13:19

Twelve civilians, including seven minors,  were abducted by  some 50 gunmen described as MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front)  members led by Commander Hassan alias Addang at Sitio Kakabigan, Barangay Bohe Baca, Tipo-Tipo, Basilan last Thursday  afternoon.

A military report disclosed that four of those abducted were later released for undisclosed reason.

The report said the abduction was believed to have been carried out in retaliation to another abduction involving three daughters of MNLF Commander Hassan namely Umma, Kelma and Pubu, all surnamed Duwalay, on July 9, 2013 at Triangle, Lamitan City, Basilan.

Those seized in Tipo-Tipo were: Faija Banua, 44, Satra Banua, 13, Haide Banua, 9, Dalma Ambihal, 50, Alsaima Buddiman, 15,  Binbin Banua, 9, Hapsa Ambihal, 28,  Kalipa Ambihal, 22, Fathma Buddiman, 5 months old, Pasri Ambihal, 2, Haipa Ambihal, 5, and an unidentified person.

The report said the sequential abduction is rooted to a three-decade rido (feud) between two families.

“Rooted in Muslim culture of honor and exacerbated by poverty, poor governance, corruption and the proliferation of firearms, “rido” or clan war is usually related to political or business rivalries or land disputes. Disputes between families often lead to retaliatory acts organized along family lines” according to Wilfredo Magno Torres, author of  Asia Foundation.

Torres .defines rido as “a state of recurring hostilities between families and kinship groups characterised by a series of retaliatory acts of violence carried out to avenge a perceived affront or injustice”

Immediately after the reported abduction, troops from the Army’s 18th Infantry Battalion led by Lt. Col. Paolo P Perez together with barangay officials of Bohe Baca, Tipo-Tipo and Barangay Cambug, Albarka, Basilan initiated a negotiation/settlement between the feuding parties for the safe release of the victims. As a result of the negotiation, four of the victims were safely released. Three of them were identified as Alsaima Buddiman, 15, Fathma Buddiman, 5 months old, and Dalma Ambihal, 50.

The Western Mindanao Command said the since start of the year, AFP forces in Basilan, in particular 104th Brigade has facilitated the peaceful settlement of 18 cases of rido.

As of press time, negotiations were underway  for thesafe release of hostages being held on both camps.