Beng favors transfer of city jail, city police office PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 14 July 2013 14:01

Mayor Beng Climaco has expressed support to District 2 Councilor Benjamin “BG” Guingona’s move, to have the city jail transferred from its present site to an area outside of seven-kilometer radius.

Guingona passed a resolution in last Wednesday’s city council’s regular session requesting city hall to study the possibility of  transferring city jail elsewhere as its continued presence along Varela St. poses security risk to surrounding populace, apart from the other reality, that inmates inside said center are almost living in sub-human condition.

“They are congested there like sardines, and it is very unimaginable for these inmates to continue that kind of life inside,” Guingona over a phone interview.

While he still have no other alternative site in mind, the young Guingona explains, “the ideal area where to relocate this center, must be somewhere, quite far from the city proper”.

As to the building, when such transfer happens, Guingona said, “since the area where it (city jail) stands now is located in a prime lot, the city can even convert such structure into a revenue-generating building in the future”.

For her part, amid her agreement on said proposed jail transfer, Mayor Climaco said, “the only problem now is how and who will provide the budget for the project”.

Meanwhile, the lady mayor is also open to having the present Zamboanga City Police Office (ZCPO) moved to another place, outside of the downtown area.

“The current central police station, has become too much crowded, not only in terms of people, but also vehicle, in and outside of its compound,”Climaco said, .

At the same time, Climaco likewise observed that “ZCPO’s present location, is not anymore conducive for quick responses to emergency situations, due to its congestive stage”.

Asked what would the city do with ZCPO’s building, when such transfer materializes, the mayor said, that since “it is very rich in history, we might as well convert it into a museum, where visitors and tourists can tour”. — Philip Abuy