Moro women to help manage ‘Little Malacañang’ of ARMM PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 14 July 2013 14:02

Gov. Mujiv Hataman of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao has been living up to his avowed “gender-equality policy“ in managing the ARMM’s rank-and-file.

Hataman, who was elected ARMM governor during the May 13 elections, appointed last week two Moro women and reinstated another to help him oversee the operations of the Office of the Regional Governor (ORG), the central core of the regional government and known as “Little Malacañang” of the autonomous region.

Hataman appointed Wednesday Amihilda Sangcopan, who is of Tausog descent, as ORG’s chief-of-staff. The ORG is located inside the 32-hectare ARMM compound in Cotabato City.

The ORG has ministerial control over more than 30 line agencies and support offices devolved by the regional government.

The Hataman administration has also been advocating for “gender-sensitivity” among ARMM employees, regardless of ranks, ethnic identities and religions.

The ARMM governor also had appointed lady lawyer Laisa M. Alamia as regional executive secretary and reinstated Khal Mambuay-Campong, who is of Maranaw descent, as Cabinet secretary.

The newly-appointed local government secretary of ARMM, Anwar Malang, said Hataman’s having tapped Moro women to help manage the ORG was something never done before by past administrations, since the region’s creation in 1990.

“Gov. Hataman broke tradition. He removed the monotony of men dominating the sensitive positions in the ORG and other offices under it,” Malang said.

The three Moro women Hataman installed to sensitive positions in the ORG will discharge their duties and functions under the governor’s direct supervision.

Sangcopan is virtually not a “new comer,” having occupied the same post from December 11 to early 2013.

Hataman said he decided to re-appoint Sangcopan — who replaced former ORG chief-of-staff Dr. John Magno, who has resigned to pursue his career as an academician — on the basis of her good performance while with the ARMM’s caretaker administration.

Hataman was President Benigno Aquino III’s appointed caretaker for ARMM from December 2011 until he got elected as regional governor last May 13.

Sangcopan said her office will be open to all of the regional rank-and-file as well as to residents of ARMM, regardless of whether they are Muslims, or non-Muslims..

Sangcopan said she will also keep up with Hataman’s policy of keeping open the ORG’s operation open to scrutiny by the media and all sectors in the autonomous region.

The ARMM covers Maguindanao and Lanao del Sur, which are both in Central Mindanao, the island provinces of Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi, and the cities of Marawi and Lamitan.