20 hurt as bleacher of Ayala cockpit collapses PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 July 2013 13:25

Twenty people were injured when the jampacked left wing bleacher of the Ayala cockpit collapsed amid a cockfight derby last Saturday night.

A police report disclosed that the left wing bleacher went down slowly due to the big crowd on it watching cockfights around 7 p.m.

Only one of the the 20 victims suffered serious injury — a broken leg. The victims were taken to the different hospitals for treatment.

The cockfight derby was ordered stopped by the police, while the victims were attended to with first aid before they were brought to to the hospitals.

DZT gathered that the Ayala cockpit which are made of bleachers are old and dilapidated hence the collapse Sunday night.

Mayor Beng Climaco rushed to the different hospitals to see the conditions of those injured in the collapse.

The Ayala cockpit is one of the almost dozen cockpits in Zamboanga City. — Dan Toribio Jr.