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Monday, 15 July 2013 13:29

Task Force Zamboanga chief Col. Andreilino Colina escorted by soldiers of the 17th Special Forces Company based in Recodo visited Saturday morning.the task force personnel detailed in nearby islands of Zamboanga, including Barangay Busay, island of Sacol and Sitio Dambila in Manalipa island

In an interview with some local newsmen, who were present during the -visitation-inspection. Colina said this activity is primarily aimed to help boost the communication networks and to see the real status of his men in the islands.

Colina added gasoline allowances to the task force  detachments in island barangays for their mobility and visibilities. And detachment commanders were instructed to secure the teachers in the islands because they are very vulnerable to abduction.

“Local authorities are now really focused in resolving the peace and order situation in the city and some of these disturbances have been perpretrated by members of the Abu Sayyaf Group  responsible for the series of abductions the past months, and also they are very concerned on the presence of some local criminals responsible for some recent incidents,” Colina said.

He said that after deploying task force soldiers in the town proper for regular foot patrol to help the local police force secure residents, he now also tasked 17th Special Forces Company under his command to secure the seas of the city, by deploying a regular seaborne patrol to prevent another incident of abduction using the shorelines as escape route.

But Colina said that deploying their “condors” (speed boats) is not enough to secure all parts of the sealane and he is appealing also to other to law maritime agencies to do also their part.

Colina also said that they are working closely with the new Officer-in-Charge of the Zamboanga City Police Office Sr. Supt. Jose Chiquito Malayo through its presence not only in far flung areas.

The presence of task force soldiers in the city proper is not to scare tourists nor the locals but rather it is their way to make the people feel secure in their homeland.