Tillah disagrees with Aquino’s move to postpone ARMM poll PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 February 2011 14:35

Former Tawi-Tawi Governor and Administrator of Southern Philippines Development Authority, Al Tillah, now president of PARHIMPUNAN SIN ISLAM or Islamic Society, disagrees with President Noynoy Aquino’s move to postpone the ARMM election, saying the president maybe ill-advised.

Tillah wants to remind PNoy that his father Sen. Ninoy Aquino and his mother Pres. Cory Aquino precisely committed autonomy to the Muslims, starting with the Tripoli Agreement, where the MNLF representing the Muslims was morally persuaded by the OIC to accept autonomy instead of pursuing Independence.

Ninoy committed to give due course to the Tripoli Agreement,  if not better, in his last speaking engagement in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where Gov. Tillah witnessed the historic event.
Cory Aquino. then president-elect at the Cojuangco Building in Makati, was handed a copy of the Tripoli Agreement, told about Ninoy’s commitment, and briefed her on the state-of-affairs of the Muslims in the Philippines, by Tillah.

“Following through her husband, Ninoy’s commitment to his Muslim brothers, the last of which was in his unread arrival statement upon his return to the Philippines, institutionalized Autonomy for the Muslims in the 1987 Constitution, legislated ARMM through an Organic Act, and held election for the purpose of electing ARMM officials by their Muslim constituents in the region,” Tillah said.

“The rationale, and wisdom behind establishing an Autonomous Region for the Muslims, precisely is to allow the Muslims to choose their own leaders in an electoral process, where officials are chosen through the mandate given by the Muslim residents in the ARMM through an electoral exercise, and not by appointment by the President,” Tillah explained.

He added: “PNoy’s move to postpone the ARMM election is a betrayal of his parents commitment to the Muslims, to elect their officials and manage their own affairs, without the interference of Malacanang, to say the least as it is an Autonomous Region and not a department of the executive branch.”

“By postponing the ARMM election, it is virtually giving non-elected Presidential appointees almost a full term as they will be serving for two years before his proposed synchronized election of 2013. As the saying goes,’the voice of the people is the voice of God’. Following this dictum, there is no substitute for electing our officials in government, however flawed the process-if possible in a new system of governance cabinet members or department secretaries must be accountable to the people and not just to one man the President, by having a mandate.”