Beng hopes for sustained law, order on ZC streets PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 17 July 2013 11:16

Mayor Beng Climaco has expressed hopes that law and order on streets attributed by strict enforcement of city ordinances and resolutions will be a sustained effort as she commended the authorities including residents who contribute to the endeavour.

“We commend police and all the residents who contribute to the development of the city particularly in cleanliness,” the mayor said citing also City Government personnel as well as the business and the private sector as a whole.

Authorities have launched an information drive concerning campaigns centered on clearing ambulant vendors from city streets, the strict implementation of the traffic ordinance, promotion of anti-littering and health sanitation, the anti-jaywalking campaign, the removal of illegal PUJ terminals, the closing down of illegal cockfights (tarian) and the prohibition of habal-habals in the City.

The information drive is prelude to the City’s full implementation of the campaign in the days to come to ensure order and cleanliness in the City Proper area as it enforces key City Ordinances.

“We hope this will not be a ningas cogon, akel ara lang. We hope for a sustainable, working, efficient police and City Government personnel helping and serving the people of Zamboanga,” the mayor asserted.

The City Administrator’s Office, through its Traffic Enforcement Team, has deployed a 3-shift work schedule which end at 10 pm to effectively implement the ordinances despite the limited manpower resources. The traffic aides serve as back-up of the police. — Sheila Covarrubias