Labuan strengthens security efforts PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 20 July 2013 11:17

An anti-drug campaign and training barangay tanods are just two of the initiatives spearheaded by the Labuan Police Station as a proactive measure against criminalities in its area of jurisdiction.

Helmed by Sr. Inspector Chester Natividad, the Labuan Police Station implements the Tumba Droga campaign, an anti-drug initiative where the police force visits schools to teach and distribute anti-drug stickers.

The station also conducts training for barangay tanods as part of their efforts to strengthen their security network. Tanods are valuable assets to operations and intelligence, Natividad said.

Climaco commended the initiatives of the Labuan police force but likewise called upon them to be even more alert. She further directed Natividad to strengthen and increase police visibility in vulnerable areas in Labuan, update their shooting competencies through training and coordinate their efforts with the barangay.

The Labuan Police Station was one of the stations inspected by Mayor Climaco yesterday, July 17, during her visit to barangay Labuan.

The random and surprise checks are part of the Mayor’s continued efforts to improve and intensify security in the City.

On July 5, a directive was issued to all uniformed personnel and public safety commands to undertake corrective and proactive measures to address criminalities and to instill professionalism and discipline within their rank and files. — Jasmine Mohammadsali