Beng remains confident on Zambo police force PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 20 July 2013 11:19

Mayor Beng Climaco continues to place her trust and confidence on the local police saying all these challenges are just but tests that “we will never allow ourselves to fail.”

“I would not want to say satisfied but I am confident at the person doing his task. We will all be failing at one point or the other, this is a test that we will never allow ourselves to fail but at this moment when there are so many killings that are happening in the city—we are in the situation of supervising the police force and making sure that they are combat ready and prepared to respond to all these difficulties,” Mayor Climaco said when asked if she is satisfied with the performance of the police force in maintaining peace and security.

She said she is constantly communicating with City Police Director PSSupt. Jose Chiquito Malayo and that “as far as I am concerned, he is doing his level best, it is now the time for us the people of Zamboanga to also contribute”.

Amidst the challenges, the mayor emphasized, the police have managed to attain some headways in its operations because of civilian participation.

And for this, Mayor Climaco appealed to all residents—Christians, Muslims and Lumads alike to continuously share in the responsibility and help the police ensure a peaceful and liveable community.

“We also have our responsibilities to help the police so we create the Barangay Emergency Network Groups, an incident command system wherein the barangay officials and tanods are empowered at policing and protecting the people,” she pointed out.

The mayor continues with her surprise inspections of police stations and police outposts and still noticed some lapses despite her memorandum issued on her first week in office directing and ordering the police to immediately undertake corrective and pro-active measures to address criminalities in the city and instill professionalism and discipline of all officers, personnel and subordinates under their command.

Nevertheless, she said there are also improvements noticed as some police stations have initiated new schemes to help maintain law and order through the conduct of house to house patrols at certain hours and strengthening police visibility. In other areas, innovations by police commands include patrolling not only for crime incidents but also domestic violence including rape and abuses against women and children.

“Todo este tiene positive signs but what is really needed this time amidst all of these killings is closer supervision of our police forces and better coordination with the public,” she added. — Sheila Covarrubias