Pareja set to inspect cockpits PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 22 July 2013 11:23

The chairman of the Council committee on Games and Amusements has set a physical inspection of all cockpits in the city to determine their structural integrity in the wake of the recent accident involving the Ayala cockpit.

Councilor Josephine Pareja  said the inspection will be done prior to the issuance of permits for “pintakasi” which cockpit operators apply for with the Committee on Games and Amusements in the City Council.

The inspection will be done by a composite team from the City Engineer’s Office, City Licensing Division, City Administrator’s Office and Pareja’s office.

“I will personally check all the structures together with other agencies and if it is found out that the structures are not fit for use, we will not issue the permits [for pintakasi],” the councilor stressed.

Safety of the residents particularly the cockfighting aficionados is the foremost intention of the requirement, she said.

On record there are 11 cockpits located in the east and west coasts of the city.

Mayor Beng Climaco has expressed approval on Pareja’s plan, as she too believes that this is one way of ensuring the safety and protection of the residents.

On the other hand, Pareja said the Ayala Cockpit incident which injured a number of people would have been caused due to over capacity in terms of the number of people allowed inside.

“Siguro uno tambien se que debe kita mira el capacity of the structure. We should also control the number of people to be allowed inside the cockpits,” Councilor Pareja said adding that such policies will be part of her proposed legislative agenda. — Sheila Covarrubias