Alavar defends edict on motorbike sticker PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 22 July 2013 11:25

The author of a proposed ordinance, which would require motorcycle owners to secure Verification and Identification Stickers Authenticity (VISA), has declared readiness to defend his edict up to the last, if this is the only way to help curve criminality in Zamboanga City.

District 2 Councilor Miguel ‘Mike’ Alavar III said over the weekend, that “misconceptions over proposed Ordinance 2013-23, known as Operation Plan (OPLAN VISA) have started surfacing, due to the public’s lack of knowledge about its significance to crime fighting”.

Alavar was referring to several negative reactions about the proposed ordinance, aired over radio programs lately, “which if not countered with proper explanation about the good objective of this law, would contaminate other open-minded Zamboanguenos”.

Alavar clarified that contrary to what others believe, the Oplan VISA stickers and Cards, should only be acquired once, by each motorcycle owner, and not yearly, like their vehicles’ registration.

“At the back of the VISA cards, are blank spaces, for motorbike owners to fill-up some names of their preferred friends or relatives, who might be constantly borrowing or using their vehicle, so that when inspected at police or military checkpoints, it will appear that the guy using said motorcycle is permitted by its rightful owner”, Alavar explained.

Though he admits that acquiring VISA cards and stickers, would entail an additional burden to motorcycle owners, as they have to line up either at the Zamboanga City Police Office (ZCPO), or the City Treasurer’s Office, the entrepreneur-turned politician said, “let us bear with this temporary inconvenience, as this will assure ours and our families’ safety from criminals in the future”.

Alavar has reiterated his confidence that once Oplan VISA is fully-implemented, lawless elements riding in tandem, would have a hard time roaming around the city and carry on with their nefarious activities, because they can easily be spotted by our authorities, who would subsequently, check, apprehend, or arrest them.

Alavar said he is already coordinating with city council’s ordinances and resolutions committee chairman, Councilor Charlie Mariano to formally set a schedule for the proposed edict’s first public consultation.

Alavar’s proposed ordinance has been approved on first reading in last Wednesday’s regular council session.

The ordinance penalizes violators ranging from P500 to P3,000 fines and corresponding prison terms, depending upon the court’s discretion. — Philip Abuy