‘Gunless city’ to curve criminality — Iturralde PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 24 July 2013 11:26

If he has his way, Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde will push for a “gunless city”, instead of arming barangay officials, an idea earlier floated by Councilor Roel “Elong” Natividad as a manner of helping curb criminality in Zamboanga City.

Iturralde, who claims to maintain high respect for barangay officials and tanods, however, opined that Natividad’s proposal of arming barangay leaders should be further studied, as “this may bring more problem, rather than solution, to our already disturbed peace and order condition”.

Iturralde, who sits as vice chairman in the City Peace and Order Council (CPOC), also clarified that recommendations related to arming of people for peacekeeping purposes should emanate from CPOC, being the rightful group and the highest policy-making body.

“As to arming of barangay officials and tanods, we have to evaluate, as to who among these people possess the necessary qualification, to dispose of responsibilities in carrying firearms,” Iturralde said.

The vice mayor explained that, “if guns will go to the hands of those who are not qualified, it will not be far that every time they get drunk it is very likely that they might use their guns and fire indiscriminately, so it is very important that aside from being well-trained and highly-qualified, they (barangay officials and tanods) should also be well-disciplined.”

“This is why if given the opportunity to choose, I prefer Zamboanga City to be a gunless city, because without guns, we, nor any member of our families,  will not in any way, be worried of becoming victims of shooting incidents”, Iturralde lamented.

Iturralde said: “Even policemen and soldiers who are not on-duty, should not be permitted to carry their firearms, to avoid using it, especially, in non-related peacekeeping jobs”.

The CPOC vice chairman however, leaves to the military and other law enforcement entities, the competency to guard us civilians, from external threats or aggressions, under the gunless city concept. — Philip Abuy