Beng: Continue to be vigilant, support PNP PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 July 2013 13:59

Mayor Beng Climaco has called on residents to remain vigilant and supportive of law enforcement authorities amidst challenges besetting the city.

Based on police records, the spate of shooting incidents are categorized according to motives which include drugs, personal relations and numerous others. Police also have accomplished several headways in a number of these incidents.

Apprehensions have been made and cases have been filed because of the support of the civilians.

“So we need to continue to be vigilant and continue our all out supervision and support to the police”, Mayor Climaco said as she observed that it is difficult for the city to be totally crime free with a population of over 850,000 and a police-civilian ratio of 1 policemen for every 600 residents.

Continuous vigilance and civilian support to the police will help ensure successful anti-crime campaign, she added.

The chief executive is continues with her on the spot checks and visits of different police stations and outposts, beat patrols including military checkpoints to give them moral support as well as to ensure that the authorities are doing their mandated tasks.

As this developed, Mayor Climaco reiterated her advise to the residents to be more cautious in forwarding text messages from unverified sources following observations that some unscrupulous individuals who are out to sow misinformation and confusion are circulating false text messages.

The false text messages give undue alarm among the residents.

She assured that the authorities together with the local government are doing the best efforts to ensure law and order in the city.

The increased visibility and other troop deployment in the city are just but part of the regular security measures enforced by the police and military. — Sheila Covarrubias