Drainage, river master plan pushed anew PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 07 August 2013 11:50

District 2 Councilor Miguel “Mike” Alavar III is set to make a final push for his resolution filed in March, this year, requesting the city government to study the possibility of coming up with a drainage and river control master plan for six major rivers in Zamboanga City.

This, Alavar said, would mitigate the recurrence of flashfloods and landslides like what the city experienced last weekend due to heavy rains.

Alavar said having a drainage and river control master plan would ensure that excessive rain waters would have easy passage from rivers to the sea, “thereby, avoiding flashfloods and landslides, that oftentimes, destroy lives and properties”.

Alavar explained that the city’s rip-rapping and slopes protection projects do not fully guarantee zero soil erosion, “especially in the case of rampaging waters bringing along logs and other hard objects”.

Alavar cited particularly, the rivers of Vitali, Curuan, Bolong, Manicahan, Boalan and Putik, to be needing the said master plan, “because these rivers are considered to encompass all other rivers in the city’s east coast down to town proper”.

Alavar however explained that before coming up with said drainage and river control master plan, the city has to consider first the rivers’ topography, “as not all rivers need dredging, as well as, rip-rapping.”

Once implemented, Alavar said, the cost of such project would not be solely shouldered by the city government, , “because it has to be in coordination with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), like what happened to the Tumaga river project, wherein said national government agency also shell-out funds for the purpose”.

He added that more than a million pesos worth of agricultural crops and fish pens in Vitali, Curuan, Bolong, Manicahan, Boalan, and Guiwan, were destroyed by the recent flashfloods, “because the rain waters that damaged these agricultural products did not have a correct passageway towards the sea, not unlike when we have a drainage and river control master plan”. — Philip Abuy