Valesco wants media rep in city emergency team PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 08 August 2013 12:54

Councilor Gerky Valesco wants a media representative in the local risk reduction council.

In yesterday’s regular session of the City Council, Valesco asked the Committee on Disaster and Relief Operations to include a media representative in the emergency structure so that news with nature of emergency can rapidly be announced in the radio to help warn people of such calamity and disaster situations.

“I very well feel that a media representative should be made part of the local emergency organization so that news and emergency advisories can be sent out thru media,” Valesco said.

Valesco said no less than government agencies that deal with emergency and disaster preparedness would always advise the public to listen to the radio for announcements from the authorities like the city mayor and other agencies officially tasked to make the announcements.

Valesco a broadcast-journalist and a red cross emergency rescuer before joining politics, said media play a crucial role in preventing loss of lives, and therefore, sees the need to collaborate between media and emergency responders to help save lives.

“The media play a critical role here, because during impending situations of calamity, one needs to field warnings and advisories to the public periodically; on the need to evacuate and where to go, what to do and other related concerns”. Valesco said.

The City Council unanimously supported Valesco’s resolution. — Ram Arcillas