Another illegal rice shipment intecepted PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 10 August 2013 13:23

Policemen intercepted another suspected illegal shipment of rice in Baliwasan seaside at dawn yesterday.

Men of the City Police Office and Maritime police proceeded to the mini-wharf in Baliwasan and caught laborers unloading sacks of rice from M/L Jongkong.

A police report disclosed that the 380 sacks of 25 kilos each were being unloaded from the vessel to two ELF trucks driven by Jaymar Renedo and Jomel Isnani.

When interrogated, the boat crew and other workers could not produce papers legalizing the shipment of the rice.

Investigation disclosed that the sacks of rice are owned by a certain Elis Ombra Janahuddin.

Police were still investigating the case. – Dan Toribio Jr.