Firm says RCDG’s offer on IBT row no ‘win-win’ solution PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 17 February 2011 14:26

Dimsun Construction, a Manila based construction firm, represented by Engineer Shelwyn Lao yesterday expressed disagreement to a proposal made by RCDG Construction,  a locally-based construction firm, in which Mayor Celso Lobregat will allow RCDG to push through or undertake the Integrated Bus Terminal (IBT) project and at the same for the company to drop the case it filed against the city government.

In an interview over RMN Radio Zamboanga Tuesday morning, Lao said there is no such thing as “win-win solution” as what RCDG described the proposal with regards to the implementation of the project “because RCDG cannot fix that problem alone and there is no win-win solution to talk about.”

Last week, RCDG legal counsel Vic Solis asked Mayor Celso Lobregat to re-issue the notice of award it gave to RCDG as the winning bidder to start the implementation of the flagship projectworth P180 million.

“This is the win-win solution we can offer to the mayor. It would surely benefit not only the city government and the contractor but the people of Zamboanga City. It is a long overdue project,” Solis said in an earlier radio interview.

When the notice of award was withdrawn by Lobregat it had issued to RCDG, Solis and his collaborating counsel Harry Roque filed a civil case against the city government for the nullification of Lobregat’s action. The case is still pending in court.

However, Solis’ offer was outrightly rejected by Lobregat saying that the offer is not a win-win solution but rather a situation where he will be in hot water.

Meanwhile, Eng. Lao said the case they filed with the Ombudsman’s Office with regards to the alleged anomalies on the IBT’s bidding process is very strong and very much alive.

Lao said twice their legal counsel  asked the Ombudsman’s office  to speed up and resolve the case and to possibly transfer the case to Manila for immediate action.

“Our lawyer said we have a strong case but I do not know what is happening inside the Ombudsman’s office... why the case is dragging until this day. I cannot also talk about the other merit of the case per lawyer’s advice. Hopefully the truth will come out,” Lao said.

The Dimsun representative said their construction firm was the only one among the three remaining contractors that was able to fulfill the requirements under the bidding procedure.

He is puzzled why the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) awarded the project to RCDG when it clearly failed to complete its submission of bids.

“If the city government disqualified the other contractors for lack of requirements then why is it they did not also disqualify RCDG for failing to comply with the requirements?” he asked.

Lao said when Mayor Celso Lobregat awarded the project to RCDG but immediately withdrew the contract when they filed the case with the Ombudsman’s Office, it was a clear admission that there were indeed irregularities committed.

“That only shows the mayor is biased and the bidding was a sham,” Lao claimed.
The Manila based contractor said the BAC should have already told them earlier that the bidding has already been arranged to favor one contractor so that they will not spend money and precious time anymore in the pursuit of implementing the multi-million IBT which is supposed to be the flagship project of the Lobregat administration.

“We spent so much money in joining the bidding process but only to find out the bidding has been rigged to favor another contractor. They should have told us earlier so that we will not spend money and time for nothing,” Lao complained.

According to Lao, the BAC should have evaluated the bid and compared it to an apple to apple situation, in which case it did not use those criteria.

Lao stressed that although their bid price was over by P2 million,it offers a water treatment plant which normally cost P11 to 12 million as compared to RCDG which has none.  —  Jimmy Villaflores