Trade fair organizer to meet with envoys, biz groups of 8 nations PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 13 August 2013 11:15

Sitti Onggo-Vilos, owner of Mindanao Pearl Center and organizer of “WOW Mindanao Now  Project Trade Exhibitions”  is scheduled to meet with embassy officials and business groups from eight nations to discuss details about the exhibitions.

The eight nations are Guam, Australia, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, South Korea, Canada and Malaysia.

The meeting will be held at World Trade Center on September 17, 2013.

Project Consultant Rey Vilos said that “ WOW Mindanao Now Project Trade Exhibitions” has organized a trade fair set  on the second week of February next year. The venue will be the World Trade Center in Metro Manila. Sitti Onggo-Vilos is the fair’s organizer.

Vilos disclosed that the trade fair project is intended to help discover talented andskilled artists and small scale businessmen producing quality products on craftsmanship like furnitures, sea and aqua-culture products, agriculture and processed foods that are in demand in the market.

Vilos assured that they will help those talented craftsmen and businessmen to show their rare quality products to world market.

After the trade fair, Vilos’s group will connect with people in the world market for business engagement. This project is also intended to help uplift the economic status of the said producers.

The project is likewise meant for all the regions in Mindanao whose craftnmanship, talents and skills are undiscovered yet. — Allen Abastillas