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Thursday, 15 August 2013 14:30

A busted lightbulb, some concrete nails or a handful of ammonium nitrate: These seemingly ordinary items could actually become deadly, as they could be used to assemble a Resource Speaker SPO1 Jonathan Nodado of the PNP- Regional Public Safety Battalion 9 Explosive Ordinance Disposal Mobile Unit emphasized the need to be vigilant in detecting bomb and explosives in a two-day seminar on Bomb and Explosive Detection and Control on August 13-14, held at the Conference Room of the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA). The seminar is a joint project of the PPA, of the PNP- Regional Public Safety Battalion 9 Explosive Ordinance Disposal Mobile Unit and of the Joint Special Operation Task Force – Philippines (JSOTF-P), popularly known as the Balikatan group.

Determined to make the Port of Zamboanga a safer transport facility, Port Manager Liberto C. Dela Rosa pushed for training PPA-hired security guards, X-ray operators and shipping lines personnel in detecting bombs and explosives, citing the importance of ensuring the safety of passengers and cargoes within the port premises. Dela Rosa asserts that, “While the PPA has not received any bomb threats, it is the Authority’s responsibility to be fully prepared in handling any security breach in the facility.”

Participants from the Philippine Ports Authority, Sagittarius Security Agency (SAGISAG), Zamboanga Integrated Port Services, Incorporated (ZCIPSI), George and Peter Lines, Morning Star Shipping, Sing Sipping Lines, Land Bank of the Philippines Services Corporation and Lorenzo Shipping spent the first day learning about the identification of common Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), and the procedure or action to be done upon their discovery; different types of bombs, explosives and explosions, as well as the proper procedure in handling dangerous scenarios including the detection and discovery   of suspicious baggage. Meanwhile, the second day of the seminar entailed participating in practical exercises that tested the bomb and explosive detection and control capabilities of the participants, with drill scenarios provided by Balikatan petty officers of the Unites States Navy. One of the exercises included vehicle search, a crucial skill especially during these times that criminal elements are now using car bombs for terrorist activities.

With Zamboanga City on high alert level in view of attacks in nearby provinces, SPO1 Nodado urges the public, especially port users, to be vigilant about safety and security. “This is the time to be suspicious, not only of baggage and items, but also of persons behaving in an unusual or suspicious manner,” he says.