Beng to residents: Support, contribute to security efforts PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 16 August 2013 13:24

Amidst the security challenges besetting the city and in other parts of the region, Mayor Beng Climaco has aired anew an urgent appeal for people to contribute and support to the peace and security efforts by staying calm but vigilant and alert.

She advised people to immediately report to the police or other law enforcement units about the presence of unidentified and suspicious looking persons in the community as well as unattended baggage or things in the vicinity.

At the same time, the chief executive called on all business establishments to conduct thorough search of all people going inside establishments and on the police to conduct maximum search of private as well as government vehicles in chokepoints and checkpoints.

“Ta pidi gayot yo de ustedes contribucion y suporta con el paz na ciudad. Si tiene ustedes ta mira cuantos personas desconosido  y suspechoso na comunidad, por pabor abisa na pulis,” the mayor urged the public. “Si ta mira tambien ustedes maga suspechoso bagahe or algunas cosas na maga establisimiento denegosyo por pabor informa con el security guard enseguidads.”

The chief executive reemphasized that it is through active participation of the public that peace and security efforts in the city will be maintained.

She said it is the desire of the local government and the authorities that the entry and exist points o the city are secured as well as the private homes of the people are secured.

In another development, the mayor requested the police and the military to intensify visibility in churches, mosques and other places of convergence in the light of heightened alert level in the city and other areas in the region due to threats from lawless elements.

She likewise reiterated her call on the public to exercise more caution in forwarding text messages from unverified sources, as unscrupulous individuals, who are out to sow misinformation and confusion, continue to circulate false text messages causing undue alarm and panic among the residents. — Sheila Covarrubias