Lobregat disclaims facebook accounts PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 21 August 2013 15:27

If you are a mainstay in the social network, chances are you have been invited as friend by Celso Lobregat, read his posts and even exchanged views and comments.
But, beware the account name is pseudo-Celso Lobregat and not the former mayor who is now the District 1 Congressman in the House of Representatives.
“The account Celso Lobregat participating in some account walls in facebook is not maintained, authorized or sanctioned by me or by my office,” Cong. Lobregat said following the proliferation of various Celso Lobregat accounts in the social network. “Obviously it is an impostor, a fake profile of myself and should be outrightly banned from all walls”.
The pseudo-Celso Lobregat accounts have been in the social networking sites since the time Lobregat was mayor and several others have been up recently bringing the name of the District I congressional office. It has been posting series of activities and information regarding the city with posts and comments that are most of the time foul and offensive not only to the city but to Lobregat personally.
Recently, the pseudo Celso Lobregat account posted a photograph of a Zamboanguena Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whom the fake account claimed to have been found positive of HIV-AIDS.
The shocked and irked mother of the OFW visited Lobregat’s congressional office in Nunez to disclaim the posts on the pseudo-Celso Lobregat account on facebook claiming it has besmirched the reputation of her daughter. The OFW’s friends on facebook likewise expressed disbelief and dared the pseudo-Celso account to show proofs of his claims.
Cong. Lobregat stated that the account or accounts is a sham; violates his rights as a person and most especially the guidelines of facebook. “We disclaim all posts in the fake account/s.”
He hoped that people will not facebook and all other social networking sites as venue or forum to lambast, depreciate or attack personalities and institutions adding that such concerns or grievances should be brought to the proper forum so that authorities concerned can properly address such issues. — Rey Carbonel