Firm overshoots NGP mining sector requirements PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 21 August 2013 15:32

A mining company planted some 48 hectares of assorted forest trees for a period of one year has part of its commitment to the government’s National Greening Program (MGB).
In its report submitted to the regional office of Mines and Geo-Sciences Bureau (MGB-R9), Atro Mining-Vitali, Inc. (AMVI) said it has planted a total of 19,501 seedlings of assorted forest trees from July 2012 up to June 2013 with 99.22 percent survival rate. This covers some 48 hectares with a ratio of 400 seedlings to every hectare.
“AMVI has accomplished 248 per cent more than the 20 hectares as required,” the company bulletin released to media said.
MGB-R9 through its National Greening Program-Mines Sector required the company to plant 20 hectares of assorted seedlings.
More than mere compliance, the companycalled for a more serious effort beyond “mere tree planting”.
In an email sent to all AMVI field personnel, company president Elson S. Ogario ordered that “tree planting activities should have clear program of caring and really making these trees grow.”
He observed that “past practices (of other groups) of donating seedlings to so many people and organizations but most of them failed, worst all of them failed.”  
“Most donations were being done just for purposes of compliance and for photo ops,” he noted, adding: “I wanted to avoid this situation.  Let’s create a showcase.”
Aside from supporting tree planting activities with seedlings from the company nursery, Ogario told the company environment officer to explore “an area somewhere there in the mountains of Vitali where we can directly reforest or plant our grown-up seedlings where we can make it as a showcase rather than just giving seedlings to people and we really don’t know after giving whether they will really take care of it.” 
He is looking forward to “tie up with CENRO (Community Environment and Natural Resources Office) for an area where we can do our own reforestation program, so much the better.
“Or better still if we can contract with CENRO for an area for Industrial Tree Plantation and also as our showcase for Reforestation Program,” he added.
Ogario re-iterated that the company commits itself to responsible mining practices and sustainable development.
AMVI is an iron ore mining company. It is set to wrap up its exploration activities.
It has a Mines Operating Agreement with Hard Rock Mineral Trading, Inc. (HRMTI) which grants exclusive rights to conduct mining operations within the Mineral Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA) area.
The MPSA area has a total area of 2,077.3084 hectares located at Upper Tagpangi, Vitali.