Traders hit sidewalk phone vendors blocking their stores PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 August 2013 13:39

A merchant-store owner doing business at the the Universidad de Zamboanga building has expressed disgust on the presence of cell phone sidewalk hawkers who are not only obstructing the sidewalks, but also making it difficult for customers to enter the different legitimate stores in the builidng.

The trader, who requested anonymity, said that for several years since those people from nowhere came into the place and put-up their tables and chairs to sell and buyi cell phones — some of which are stolen — their legitimate business activities have been affected as the number of customers have lessened.

“Quemanera man entra pa con migo dimi maga customers? Si na entrada pa lang del dimi tienda talli ya sos maga hente atahao y manada veses maca asco pa cay de esos plemas, laway y sipun talli na sidewalk calayatan serca na dimi tienda,” complained the storeowner.

“We the legitimate businessmen, we comply all the requirements before we start our businesses and we are being penalized if the government finds us with a violation. We pay the right taxes, while these people here don’t do the same and they are violating several ordinances and even national law but seems officials are blind,” he added.

He said that they were informed that the City Council recently granted a consideration to the illegal vendors and allowed them to continue their illegal business for the month period during the Ramadan. However the Ramadan is over and the  illegal vendors are still in the area.

“These illegal vendors are not only disturbing our legitimate businesses, but they are also beating the city government, are they aware of this?” he asked emotionally.

Moreover, he said that the police should check the personal backgrounds of those vendors as he observes most of them are not from the city and there are more of their companions arriving to do the same illegal business in the area.

“Debe chekya el pulis conestos, nusabe quita de esos maga personal background cay nusabe man quita de donde ba sos salido, basta lang ta llega que llega sos aqui, nusabe quita si espiya ya sos del maga mal hente,” the businessman added.

He said that he and other legitimate business operators observe that members of the City Hall’s Ordinance Enforcement Unit used to run after those selling native foods in that area but the law enforcers seem to be blind to these people (illegal cellphone vendors). Are they afraid of these people?” he asked. — Dan Toribio Jr.