5 musclemen to represent Zambo in Boracay contest PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 February 2011 13:37

Five local musclemen or bodybuilders will represent Zamboanga City in the forthcoming Asia-Pacific International Bodybuilding Championship in Boracay on April 27, this year.

They were chosen and declared winners during the search for Mr. Zamboanga Musclemen 2011 held at the Park 88 Grill and Restaurant in Pasonanca last Saturday night.

Lito Mabalot, coach of the Zamboanga City Bodybuilding Team,  named the top five musclemen as Joenard T. Pielago, 32, of Canelar belonging to the Power Fitness Gym and the over-all champion, Ramsey Hamja, 32, of Talon-Talon of the Kitsar Gym (1st runner-up), Ricky Francisco 30, of Sta. Maria of the Power Fitness Gym (2nd runner-up), Roger Atilano, 41, of Pasonanca of the I-sport gym (3rd runner-up) and Rey Bantilan, 34, of Sta. Catalina of the Power Fitness Gym (4th runner-up). They were chosen as winners during the competition sponsored by Park 88 Grill and Restaurant, Kitsar Gym and in cooperation with District 2 Congressman Erbie A.  Fabian.

The event drew a big crowd pushing bodybuilding in the world of sports.
Aside from the musclemen, sexy models in their bikini paraded around as intermission number.

The judges of the contest were Dexter Lim, Loy Dagalea, Tito Mendoza and Mabalot himself.
Mabalot said he, as a team coach and Kit Mortera, vice president of National Amateur Bodybuilding Association, will accompany the five musclemen in Boracay.

Mabalot is confident the team will bring home prizes and put Zamboanga City on top again in the sport of bodybuilding.

The team coach said that Zamboanga City has been known as one of the bodybuilders capitals in the country and who bodybuilders can compete internationally.

Mabalot is promoting the sport of bodybuilding to the young people as it is also good for their health. — Dan Toribio Jr.