‘Golpe’ goes to San Jose Gusu Print
Monday, 21 February 2011 13:58

Twelve pairs of amateur boxers entertained the residents of San Jose Gusu with their good punches and footworks in Congressman Erbie Fabian’s Golpe-Golpe na Barangay held in that barangay last Saturday afternoon.

Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines president Arsenio “Rawhide” Nuevo spearheaded the holding of the boxing event in San Jose Gusu that drew a big crowd of boxing enthusiasts and other curious individuals.

The event was supported by the barangay council of San Jose Gusu headed by Chairman Bettylou Reyes who joined the crowd in witnessing the fights.
Alvin Cantao of the UZ boxing club won against Jovi Cagang of Lumayang via 3-0 score in the flyweight division of the main event.

With the same score of 3-0, Casiano Radaza of Cabaluay beat Raymart Tolledo of Abong-Abong in the light flyweight division.

Another boxer of UZ boxing club, Romer Dagoy, won via 3-0 decision against Kevin Jake Enriquez of Lumbangan in the mosquito weight division.

A pride of Lumayang, Ryan Manicab won also via 3-0 score against Marlon Eldian of Kasanyangan in the Jr. Mosquito weight division.

Another 3-0 score winner was Reneboy Ferraren of Talon-Talon who beat Levi Alejandro of Lumayang.

Angelito Canoy of the UZ boxing club and the nephew of amateur bocxing champ Eric Canoy defeated Arvie Ferrer also of UZ in the 33 kilograms division.

A decision of referee stop-contest (RSC) declared Francisco Cabayacruz of Lumayang as winner against Jayvee Masong of Talon-Talon in the light minimum weight division.

In the cotton weight division, Eric Maruji of Sinunuc won by 3-0 score over Edgardo Pedido, Jr. of Cabaluay.

Still in the cotton weight division, Rolando Acabal of Talon-Talon defeated Anichael Andales of Mampang also via 3-0 score.

Referee stop-contest (RSC) declared Archie Galvez of Sinunuc as winner against Jay-ar Marmuja of Talon-Talon in the light cotton weight division.

John Rey Sarangaya of Mampang won over Richard Acabal of Talon-Talon in the 23 kilograms division.

In the 22 kilograms, Jessie Abequebel of Mampang won over Alvin Rabanio of Talon-Talon with 2-1 score.

Two guest boxers of San Jose Gusu, Jikie Sagatsat and Ariel Sanoria went up in the ring and entertained the residents with their special bout.
Sagatsat was declared as winner with 3-0 score.—Dan Toribio Jr.