Zamcelco bares 6 hours of brownout in Zambo PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 September 2013 13:42

The Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (Zamcelco) has announced an additional one hour of brownout making it six hours daily, a situation that will make electric consumers suffer more, especially the old, the sick and all infants.

Zamcelco President Omar Sahi said the new rounds of power outages are caused by the drying-up of Pulangi river in Lanao, which is normally, supplying 400 megawatts to the Maria Cristina Grid.

“Now, Pulangi is distributing only 120 megawatts to the grid, thereby causing an additional one hour brown-out for Zamboangueño electric consumers,” Sahi disclosed in an interview over RPN’s ‘Zamboanga, Tiempo Ya!’ radio program yesterday.

Sahi said while the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) has yet to fix Agus 2 and Agus 6 turbines, which broke down on August 19, repairs on Agus 4, is set to be over by September 15.

“If repairs on Agus 4 is done, then our present 6 to 7-hour brownout will be reduced to 4 hours daily,” Sahi assured.

The Zamcelco president explained that at present, the cooperative is short of 29 megawatts, “because PSALM is only providing us 34 megawatts, while Mapalad Power Corporation, which is supposed to provide us with 18 megawatts, is only giving us 6 megawatts due to the recent breakdown of its engine. Add that to Therma Marine Incorporated’s (TMI) 18 megawatts, Zamboanga gets a total of 58 megawatts, instead of 87, which is the needed power requirement of the city”.

Sahi reiterated his call for electric consumers to be patient as Agus 2 and Agus 6 turbines are expected to be operational again by the end of September.

“When these two turbines are fixed, and waters in Pulangi river increases by the end of this month, we will surely enjoy a 24-hour electricity service, provided however, that no other similar problem arises then,”Sahi added. — Philip Abuy