Army Major, Navy man arrested on suspicion they give ammos to rebs PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 17 September 2013 13:48

An Army Major and an enlisted man of the Philippine Navy along with four civilians were arrested yesterday by government troops and were placed under investigation on suspicion they were supplying ammunition to MNLF rebels in the conflict areas.

Held were Major. Hasmin Hadjimudin, an army-MNLF integree and  SN2 Enriquez, both belonging to Military Police based in Western Mindanao Command and four civilians, all relatives of Hadjimudin.

Hadjimudin said they were at the Wesmincom when he asked Enriquez to accompany them to go to his house in Sta. Catalina to retrieve his firearms and ammunition.

Hadjimudin said they were on his car driven by his nephew and they coordinated with the ground troops in Sta. Catalina.

However when they were on their way back to Wesmincom, they were stopped by the soldiers and were held for questioning after security forces found several rounds of ammunition and guns aboard their car.

Hadjimudin, Enriquez and the four civilians as well as the recovered weapons were brought to the City Police Office for investigation.

Recovered from their possession were an M16 rifle, .45 caliber pistol, M203 grenade launcher, blade weapon (pira), military uniforms and several ammunition of different calibers.

Hadjimudin said that he was innocent and he was wondering why they were collared.

Meanwhile, nine more MNLF rebels were arrested amid the firefight and four bodies were spotted at the battle ground. – Dan Toribio Jr.