Suspected stolen Ford Everest seized by HPG-9 PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 19 September 2013 11:39

A suspected carnapped Fordwagon Everest was recovered yesterday morning by Highway Patrol Group 9 operatives led by  Chief Insp. Alejandro O. Espiritu along Gov. Lim St. corner Calixto St.

Espiritu said the Ford Everest was first spotted along Jaldon St, and one of the HPG-9 operatives checked the plate number with the Motor Vehicle Management System with his laptop computer. When it was found out that the Everest is under hold order, Espiritu and his team chased the wagon and cornered it at Gov. Lim St. corner Calixto St.

The vehicle was described as black Fordwagon Everest with engine number 1367561 and chassis number NNCLS4D10CW401467 Model 2013. Owned by a certain E.A Pura in Quezon City, it  is under hold order number 20130131. Date reported was January 7,2013.

Supt. Severino B. Agustin, HPG-9 chief, commended Espiritu and his team for a job well done. He directed Espiritu to seize and impound the vehicle and conduct further investigation. — Allen Abastillas