Beng rejoices over freed hostages PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 19 September 2013 11:40

A total of 149 hostages have been recovered from the hands of the breakaway MNLF group under Nur Misuari, following the concerted and calibrated efforts of the government forces to secure the safety of all captives.

Crisis Management Committee Chair Beng Climaco expressed her joy and relief at this development. The safety of all hostages has been Climaco’s paramount priority ever since the eruption of the conflict last week.

“Early this morning, we heaved a sigh of relief in the light of the safe rescue of 79 hostages in addition to the 36 rescued/released last night and the 34 others liberated the previous days,” said Climaco during the press briefing marking the 9th day of the standoff Tuesday afternoon, September 17.

The AFP attributed the high recovery of hostages to the increasing pressure exerted against the breakaway group by the constant and concentrated operations of all government troops.

Recounting the story of one of the hostages, she reiterated that the government never gave up on the hostages.

“Your government has exhausted all means. The objective to be able to bring to safety the hostages had been met and while there were cases of individuals who died in the course of all these, we have made all possible ways to save the lives of our people,” said Climaco.

The Mayor noted that the crisis would not have reached this point if the government did not think about the welfare of the hostages.

“No hay gane con ustedes deha,” she added fervently.

Hostages have reunited with their families after undergoing tactical debriefing and psychosocial processing by the PNP and DSWD, respectively. The CIDG is likewise on hand to process information that will be used in the filing of cases against the perpetrators.

Climaco, during the presscon also lamented over the news that City Police Director OIC Co. Chiquito Malayo was in the hands of the breakaway MNLF group. At night time however, Malayo reportedly was freed unharmed along with his men.

As the areas of operations of the breakaway group continue to shrink, Climaco cautioned all barangays to remain vigilant. She enjoined residents to observe the curfew and the help secure their respective places.

“Pabor segura que conose ustedes con el mga hente areredor y si tiene mga disconosido persona insiguidas reporta na autoridad,” advised the Mayor. — Jasmine Mohammadsali