UNCONSUMMATED SALES: P763M Business sector hardest hit in Zambo City crisis PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 21 September 2013 12:04

The business sector is the hardest sector in the current Zamboanga City crisis with a total of of P763 million unconsummated sales from Sept. 9 to Sept. 18.

This was the assessment of the Department of Trade and Industry in a data released to Mayor Beng Climaco.

The breakdown: Retailing/trading sector — P68M; Manufacturing sector — P634M and Servicing sector — P 61M.

DTI says figures include the tangible and intangible items of trade and do not include salaries and wages of workers. Excluded is the banking industry.

Mayor Climaco  said that with the progressing bank operations in areas outside the conflict zone, the BSP has scheduled periodic currency shipments to the Zamboanga branch starting last Thursday to ensure the continuous availability of cash to local banks.

“A sense of normalcy is felt in most parts of the city today (Thursday), as national government agencies and private offices and companies outside the conflict zone resumed operations. More and more commercial establishments, banks and other business centers have opened,” said the mayor.

She added that commercial flights also resumed 10 days after it suspended operations September 10.

“While the number of flights is still limited, it is a very welcome development for we are once again connected to outside world and we thank the CAAP and the airline companies for paving the way for the resumption of commercial flights,” Climaco added.

She assured that the government is doing its utmost best in looking after the needs of more than 100,000 evacuees.

“As our government troops intensify mopping up operations to safely secure the hostages and flush out the perpetrators, the civilian government fortifies efforts to look after the needs of the displaced families and all others affected by the 11-day crisis in our beloved City,” Climaco stressed.

She disclosed that a task force, composed of representatives from the City Government, the DILG, Mindanao Development Authority and various other agencies, has started initial steps for the establishment of a resettlement center for the displaced individuals.

“We are doing the best we can to address the growing needs of the mounting number of evacuees. We are beset with a number of challenges also from people who lost their income, and we have started a plan to assist them thru the barangays and parishes. We continue to thank organizations and institutions within the city and those outside, who continuously help us in our efforts to rise and move forward after all these. Zamboangueños in the different parts of the country and the world, gracias que ta continua ustedes hace el todo manera para ayuda con el de aton ciudad. Bien suerte el ciudad kay tiene kita mga compoblanos egual con ustedes,” Climaco assured.

Moreover, the mayor said the DSWD through Sec. Dinky Soliman is continuously supporting the city government in the relief operations and will continue to do so until the rehabilitation stage.

“The DOH in coordination with Dr. Agbulos and other medical teams from other regions in Mindanao has already devised ways to respond to the crisis using the cluster approach –health, water and sanitation, hygiene, nutrition and mental health and psycho-social system,” she said.

She added: “The feast of Nuestra Señora La Virgen del Pilar is nearing. In the midst of all these, stories of her miracles came out during the hard hitting fights where she is situated. I know this is a sense of comfort to all of us. We invoke through her  intercession our protection, justice and peace. And we thank God for the miracles amidst the crisis.

A lot of us are already tired, but we cannot give up for our city. We are mindful that we are fighting this cause for our children’s future. We want enduring peace and harmonious relationships among all of us – Muslims, Christians and Lumads. Unido quita todo na un bandera, un naccion y un Ciudad Zamboanga. As your Mayor, I would like to assure you that we in Government are constantly working for the best interest of the  people.  Let’s help together build the homes for our compoblanos who lost their homes and continue to stand firm in our resolve, that this city only wants to keep peace grounded in justice.