Marc Velasco cuts new album PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 22 September 2013 13:41

Zamboangueño balladeer Marc Velasco will soon come up with a new Chabacano album to be sponsored by the Instituto de Cervantes. It will be  an international label from  Spain.

The album includes songs from some Zamboangueño singers.

Velasco has lately been making gigs in Dubai, Riyadh, Hongkong and Singapore. He is scheduled to perform in a concert in Brazil on January 2014 and in Canada on February.

Velasco held a mini-concert  together with guest balladeer Wency Cornejo in Gen. Santos City during the 15th Tuna Festival last September 5 to 9 ,2013.

Velasco’s hit songs that made him popular are “Ordinary Song” and  “Si Ta Ama. — Allen  Abastillas